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Release The Weight

My 6 Month Program To Lose The Weight Once and For All!

Learn to Radically Love Your Body 

Sustainable Weight Loss Without Deprivation & Dieting

Individualized Eating Protocol

Customized Recipes

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I Get It...This Isn't Your First Rodeo

You have  gained and lost weight throughout your adult life and with each pregnancy, but can't seem to get to and stay at your ideal weight.

You have been using willpower and temporary eating and exercise changes to try to create LASTING change and that DOESN'T WORK!

WHAT DOES WORK is completely changing your relationship with food and your body. 

What WORKS is dropping the SELF-JUDGEMENT and internal DRAMA, so you can free up your time and energy to spend CREATING healthy habits that will serve you in weight loss and beyond

What WORKS is making EASY tweaks to ensure that your body is getting enough nutrients, water and feels safe enough to RELEASE excess pounds

What WORKS is learning to allow and process uncomfortable emotions instead of turning to food for comfort EVERY TIME you get overwhelmed, sad or stressed

If You Are Sick Of...

Counting calories or macros like it's your job

Avoiding the scale so you don't have to feel helpless or disappointed

Trying each new fad diet or vitamin touted to drop weight quickly

Beating yourself up in the mirror for how "ugly" or "fat" you are

Not showing up feeling confident and sexy in the bedroom

If You Are Ready To...

Become your own friend and cheerleader 

Learn to love the incredible body that you call home

Create new habits that support you releasing unnecessary weight

Experiment with an eating protocol that works for you as an individual with your preferences and lifestyle

Experience sustainable weight loss that isn't based on willpower and deprivation

Not be a slave to your own emotions and internal drama

Here is the commitment

6 months of weekly 50 minute sessions

Journaling homework and handouts

Ready to accept you worth and value

Willing to do some meal planning and try new foods or recipes,

Determined to optimize your food, hydration and healthy habits

Open to working on creating safety & comfort for your nervous system 

I Invite You To Join Me In This Transformational 6 Month Program


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Change Your Relationship With Food
Tackle Emotional Eating Patterns
Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
Embrace Radical Self & Body Love
Develop A Mindset That Supports Your Health Goals
Reconnect With Your Sensuality
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