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Hello There!
I'm Ashley

I coach incredibly dedicated and hard-working

moms like you!

I see you working your tail off to do #allthethings

Your marriage may be taking a backseat to getting your kids' needs met

You may feel exhausted and overwhelmed by dinner time each day

You may be trying to create healthy habits, but not having the time or energy to get your intended results

You may be putting your goals and dreams on the back burner for now

You probably feeling guilty when you're away from your kids, but get annoyed with them when they are at home

Being a mom and wife will ALWAYS take time and effort, but the hardest part is the mental prison most of us live in.

When you learn to  authentically care for yourself and fulfill your purpose, you will also become a better mom and partner!

My Story


I am a law enforcement wife and  mother to a son with anaphylactic food allergies.  My husband and I were beyond thrilled to be parents, but I was not prepared for my experience postpartum.  Our son was born with instant colic and my husband was working nights.  I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety, depression and PTSD. Therapy and medication got me back to a state of functioning, but I still felt that I should be happier and feel more fulfilled.  Being a mom was my biggest life goal and I adored my son, but I was still feeling lost and overwhelmed.

I found life coaching and was able to create a life I enjoyed again despite having opposite schedules, a colicky baby and new mom anxiety.  The mindset tools taught me the skills to live an authentically joyful life. Now my marriage is better than ever, I am being the mom I was meant to be and I am able to enjoy my daily experience - dirty dishes and all!  I know life includes all the hard stuff and I process through those emotions instead of bottling them up. I don't spend my mental energy being anxious and overwhelmed, which was my default mode before. I am so passionate for this work that I became a certified coach to share the transformation of thought adaptation coaching.  



I have a BA degree in sociology

I am a certified veterinary technician and am 

      bonkers for animals

I have worked at a zoo and a tiger sanctuary

I was an All-American gymnast in college

I am a fraternal twin 

I am an amusement park ride enthusiast

My husband is a k9 handler and we have a police dog

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What Clients Are Saying

Anxiety and stress had become two characteristics that had become defining my life. The combination of Ashley's coaching, along with using the tools and perspective that she provides is invaluable.  I have spent much more time and money on traditional therapy through the years without getting such a positive result in such a short time. I have had family members comment on the change they see in me.  Coaching has brought a lightness to things I would have spent days ruminating over.



Overall I became less stressed and have more patience with myself and others. Unlike traditional therapy, coaching has more specific actions targeted for day to day life. They used to bring in a therapist quarterly where I was working previously and honestly, something like this is better for many businesses. Working with Ashley was great! She has a very calming and gentle presence.


I have learned to have a different relationship with food, more confidence about myself on the inside and out. I learned that it is important to take care of myself so I can take care of my family, and it has helped me find my joy. I am feeling what I call “God joy” and happiness more frequently.  I am not experiencing guilt with eating as often and can enjoy the moment. I was pleasantly surprised that before we even worked on weight loss, you set me up for success by helping me learn new habits. You worked with me on different areas of my life that have consequently had a positive effect on my weight. I had no idea that they were connected. I look forward to my sessions, I am going to miss them. You made it fun and interesting. I would explain to someone curious about coaching that I noticed a difference for the better and tell them it is worth the money.