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Hello There!
I'm Ashley 


That Was My Rock Bottom

Like so many women, I found myself in my early 30s feeling anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted and knowing this was not the life I had signed up for.  

I had a career as a veterinary technician that I adored, an amazing husband and a brand new baby boy. 

I had achieved my goals and dreams, but was stressed out of my mind. ​

My son was born with instant and severe colic and then developed multiple anaphylactic food allergies. 

My husband was a police officer who worked 12 hour night shifts. 

I was trying to keep it together for my family, but I eventually fell apart. 

I was diagnosed with post-partum anxiety, depression and PTSD. 


A year of traditional therapy and medication got me back to a state of decent functioning again, but I still felt exhausted and overwhelmed much of the time.  

My house was a complete disaster and I was constantly frazzled and running late.

My nights were filled with hours of laying awake either ruminating on something or worrying about the future.  I didn't feel fulfilled and I felt like I was failing at everything. 

It was at this point that I found a life coach and spent the next year doing the most effective and transformative work that I have ever come across.

For the first time in my life, I developed a default of calm in my body instead of the anxiety and restlessness I was used to.  
I broke free of the self-judgement and high expectationsI had put on myself.
I learned how to get my house, schedule and life in order without racing around in a panic.
Coaching healed me a a way that was beyond what talk therapy and holistic health practices had.  
My heart and soul are on fire to help other women experience this for themselves. 
My degree in sociology, my past trauma, my holistic health knowledge, my personal wellness challenges and my life coach certification all contribute to my integrated coaching process.


The Magic of Coaching

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