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Hello There!
I'm Ashley 


Next Came Motherhood

I've been bonkers for animals since I was a toddler.  My list of pets includes parakeets, fish, hamsters, rats, a rabbit, a chinchilla and many amazing dogs. 

A major portion of my life has been spent in a gymnastics gym and I competed in all 4 events in college.  Balance Beam was by far my favorite event. 

My bachelor's degree is in sociology.  I love studying human behavior and learning what makes us tick. 

I have worked at a tiger sanctuary and have also interned as a mammal keeper at a zoo, both in Texas.  I've befriended lemurs, trained tigers and kissed a kudu!

I moved back to Minnesota and became certified as a veterinary technician (because this girl is not zoo-keeping in the snow).

My husband and I were beyond thrilled to become parents, but I was not prepared for my experience postpartum.  Our son was born with severe colic and my husband worked nights as a police offcer.  The snuggly and calm images I came into motherhood with turned into exhausted panic as I felt like it was handling one medical crisis after another.  I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety, depression and PTSD when he turned 5 months old. A year of traditional therapy and medication got me back to a state of functioning again, but I still felt exhausted and overwhelmed much of the time.  Being a mom had always been my biggest life goal and I adored my son, but I knew deep down that this wasn't working. 
At first I focused on trying to make my son a happier and healthier baby.  We employed the expertise of pediatricians, allergists, respiratory specialists, chiropractors,  cranial sacral practitioners and energy workers.  We tried medications, supplements, ointments, cold-laser therapy, adjustments and homeopathy.  I tried many of these modalities for myself to see if I could cure my anxiety and feel happier.  When my son turned one I gave up on him sleeping well or being a relaxed and happy child. 

Ironically (or in perfect timing) it was at this point that I stumbled into a life coach and spent the next year doing the most effective and transformative work that I had come across.
I broke free of the self-judgement and ridiculous expectations I had put on myself. I reignited my marriage and started having way more joy despite opposite schedules, a cranky baby and new mom anxiety.  The mindset tools taught me the skills to live authentically, which is equal parts fun and difficult.  I then went deeper and did a year of trauma therapy to clear past trauma from my body.  I learned how to reset my nervous system so that a calm and relaxed state is the new default.  When I get triggered I can get back to a regulated state quickly.

  Now my marriage is better than ever,  I am being the mom I was meant to be (freak outs and all) and I feel confident, organized and relaxed much of the time.   I eat superfood green smoothies and buffalo wings with equal pleasure.  My days end at 8pm with my son's bedtime and I spend my nights reading and soaking up the quietness after the rambuncious chaos of our pre-bedtime techno dance parties. I believe in my bones that I am more than worthy of love and am being perfectly imperfect every single day.  My house still gets messy, I still yell at my son occaisionally and I for sure go into fight or flight mode and have to recalibrate myself back to being safe and calm. 
I am so passionate for this work that I became a certified coach to make this framework the normal lifestyle for women and mothers.  

Want to know more about the coaching process?

I promise to be transparent and open with the details.  No gatekeeping here!


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I am beyond thankful for EVERYTHING you've done for our family!!!!

I've already recommended you to 3 friends. You take a topic or feeling and help me break it down into a logical perspective that I can process and also how you help with perspective and suggest techniques to help process emotions and so much more.

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