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 Is COURAGE the way to shift trapped emotions & generational trauma?

Ewelina Szczeblewska hosts the You Can Be Unstoppable Podcast.  In this episode we discuss many things including healing generational trauma, trapped emotions and how to see the world in a more empowered way.  We talk about the courage it takes to evaluate things in order to make the biggest positive shifts.  


In this blog post I discuss how positive messaging can be detrimental and cause "toxic positivity".  I give ways to interact with social media that keep you feeling calm and inspired, no matter what you scroll through. 

When Positive Messages Feel Bad:
Why I Am Changing How I Use Social Media

Published by Tiny Buddha



A New Paradigm of Mothers

Julie Pabion hosts The Bubbling Adventure Podcast.  She is all about giving parents useful tools to support their journey of conscious parenting.  You will love her beautiful accent and her thoughtful approach.  In this episode we discuss calming your nervous system as a key to creating a healthy relationship with your body and mind.  I give some tools for quick relaxation and explain how to gently change a stuck negative belief. 

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Unpacking Perspectives Episode
Riding The Wave Of Comparison

Nicole Davison is a Certified Counselor, Career Coach, Professor, Mother and Law Enforcement Wife.  Her mission is to have vulnerable and open conversations, so that we can learn from one another's experiences. On this episode we follow my unique career path as it winds from retail, bank telling, zoo keeping, veterinary technology to life coach.  We also discuss the trap of comparison that moms end up in and what we can to do free ourselves from it. 

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LEO Family Fitness Podcast Episode
     Reignite Your LEO Marriage!

Marc Hildebrand is a husband, father and LAPD Officer whose focus is on helping officers get healthy and fit to live their best life on and off the job.  We discuss ways to improve your life and how to stop resenting your spouse. You could be having more fun, even as a police family during these times!

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Organized Chaos Podcast Episode
Two Police Wives Talk Intimacy

Teresa Hildebrand of LEO wives fitness and I discuss a topic that so many law enforcement relationships struggle with - intimacy.  Whether because of the odd schedules, job stress, kids or other obstacles, you can make easy and significant improvements!  You have probably been focusing on the wrong things and not getting the results you want, but that is about to change! 

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