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Work With Me

You don't have to let your anxiety or ADD determine the quality of your life!

You can find calm and wellness and be more productive and organized.

You can get beyond the cycle of stress and mess with some tools, guidance and accountability.

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Get Your Questions Answered

And See If This Is The

Right Fit For You

Start With A
Connection Call
Then Get To Work

Start Coaching and Getting Support Right Away


Coaching helped me achieve my health and lifestyle goals. 

I feel so much better about my body and am seeing great weight loss progress, even though I am being more patient and gentle with myself than before. 

I have improved the way I speak to myself internally and have more self-awareness and clarity.

This has been so effective that I discontinued doing therapy, because I am getting better results with coaching. 

I really like that coaching is solution focused. 


I have  a different relationship with my body and food and more confidence about myself from the inside and out.

I learned that it is important to take care of myself, so I can take care of my family. 

Coaching helped me find my joy and feel happiness more frequently.  I am not experiencing guilt as often and can enjoy the moment. 

 I have noticed many positive changes and have felt coaching is very worth the money.


I have seen specific improvement in my confidence, more positive self-talk, my marriage has improved significantly and I am much better at not comparing myself to others.
I have felt valued and supported throughout the process.
Coaching is worth the financial investment,  because you can't put a value on your happiness and your relationships that are affected by your mental state. 
My marriage and my relationship with my children have only been positively affected due to my time in coaching.

The Process & Pricing

There are 3 components to the coaching process

 Coaching Sessions 


Coaching sessions with me where the big "ah-ha" moments take place

and where we customize everything to get your desired results in the way that works best for you.  




Access to videos with all the mindset tools, nervous system regulation techniques and holistic health strategies to implement right away. 

Tons of information condensed into bite-sized lessons.

Text Support

In-between sessions you are encouraged to text me with in-the-moment struggles, questions and situations that arise. 

Impromptu text coaching gets you faster results!

Coaching Session Options

Weekly Coaching  - $600/month

Best for a major life transformation or making big shifts in several areas of your life.  You know you want things to change, but don't know how to get there or have tried on your own and failed. No problem!

Clients often want to improve their health habits, feel more fulfilled, work on reducing their anxiety and potentially lose 10-15 pounds along the way.  

Every Other Week Coaching  -  $300/month

Best for getting you great results that are focused on 1-2 areas of your life.  This is a great option for you if you know what you want to accomplish, but need the guidance and accountability to see it through. You have the time and energy to do the work on the in-between session weeks to make sure we get you the transformation you want.

Monthly Coaching  -  $150/month

This is for you if you aren't in a rush or you are part-way to your goal already.  It is also a great choice for working on 1 specific area or for maintaining results.  Many clients call these monthly "tune-ups" and use them to keep themselves on track with their goals and their optimal wellness.

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