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Coaching is a unique process that differs from talk therapy, energy work or other forms of self-development.


My coaching process gets to the root cause of your issues, which is a combination of nervous system stress and activation along with beliefs and mindset frameworks that keep you stuck and overwhelmed.  


Because you have tried making changes from the symptom level of your life, which is your habits and actions, you never get the full results you want.  (It also has to do with the way our society relates to and the expectations placed on women and mothers, but that is another matter.) 

The root cause level that can gets you lasting results is resetting your nervous system and reprogramming thought patterns to create a mindset that empowers and supports you in achieving your desired lifestyle and goals.

What Are The Typical Client Results?

More connection and passion in your marriage.

Less mom guilt and having more fun with your kids.

Less drama in your family, friend and coworker relationships.

Getting your mind and body into a default mode of relaxed confidence. 

Re-patterning the mind and body out of stress responses and stress addiction.

Learning to stop running around in a rushed state and feeling more calm and at ease.

Changing your relationship with their schedules and home organization to feel more on top of your life.

What Techniques Are Involved?

Nervous System Regulation: body-based nervous system resetting and relaxation techniques, subconscious reprogramming, breathwork, parasympathetic nervous system strengthening exercises

Mindset: Thought adaptation coaching, releasing limiting beliefs, challenging thought errors, intentional habit and goal creation, processing emotions and releasing them from the body as needed.  

Wellness Modalities:  coaching on sleep, nutritional optimization, movement practices, and a healthy lifestyle.  Incorporating western medicine and research with wellness practices from around the world. 

Organization: Learning the process to efficiently declutter, organize and create easy maintenance systems for your home and papers.  Streamlining your schedule and creating your best time management practices.

What Is The Process?

We meet weekly for 4 months for virtual coaching sessions that are 50 minutes long.  This is where the majority of your breakthroughs happen. 

After each session is a written recap with session highlights and work to do on your own. 

You have text access to me daily to answer questions or get real-time help as needed. 

Included is access to my member area of the website with learning modules that cover a wide variety or concepts, tools and techniques. 

There is a time commitment of 10-15 minutes per day to do homework or watch learning modules. 

Why 4 Months?

Four months is the minimum amount of time that I have found gives you significant and sustainable results.  You will see changes in your nervous system, your mindset, your emotional states and we can create habit change in that time frame.  That is if you do commit to the homework and the learning modules along with the coaching sessions.  Four months is also enough time to teach you how to self-coach yourself and continue this work on your own.  Most of my clients choose to continue after 4 months and do biweekly or monthly coaching for a while, because they enjoy it and want to continue, but that is totally up to you.  Generally, people find that in 1 year they feel that they are a much different person than before coaching, in the best of ways.

Let's Talk Moola

The total investment to coach with me is $2,400.  Most clients choose to pay monthly in $600 increments. I use a professional Paypal account for all transactions.  Depending on you mindset around money you either thought "that's not that much" (perhaps you have shopped around and found more expensive coaches out there) or you thought "Holy cow that is a ton of money!"   Either way, I stand by my coaching and am here to invite you to work with me if it resonates with you, never to pressure anyone into it.  My vision of a more nervous system friendly society includes full transparency in financial interactions and marketing that is safe and relaxed.  If you are triggered right now take a slow breath with a long exhale and bring yourself back into your body.  It is going to be okay and you are safe in this moment.


Let's Coach!

For those who are all in and just want to get started...Woohoo! 

Click below to schedule your 1st session and welcome to ADC (Ashley Dunnwald Coaching)! 

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If you are interested, but would like to chat with me more...Woohoo!

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Client Feedback

Coaching helped me achieve my health and lifestyle goals.  I feel so much better about my body and am seeing great weight loss progress even though I am being more patient and gentle with myself than before. 

I have improved the way I speak to myself internally and have more self-awareness and clarity.

This has been so effective that I discontinued doing therapy, because I am getting better results with coaching.  I really like that coaching is solution focused.  Ashley has a wide variety of knowledge and I really enjoy learning so many new and useful things.

- Shannon

Anxiety and stress had become defining characteristics of my life. The combination of Ashley's coaching, along with using the tools and perspective that she provides is invaluable.  I have spent much more time and money on traditional therapy through the years without getting such a positive result in such a short time. I have had family members comment on the change they see in me.  Coaching has brought a lightness to things I would have spent days ruminating over.

I have  a different relationship with my body and food and more confidence about myself from the inside and out. I learned that it is important to take care of myself, so I can take care of my family.  Coaching helped me find my joy and feel happiness more frequently.  I am not experiencing guilt as often and can enjoy the moment.  I would tell someone curious about coaching that I noticed many changes for the better and tell them it is worth the money.

Overall I became less stressed and have more patience with myself and others.

Unlike traditional therapy, coaching has more specific actions targeted for day to day life. They used to bring in a therapist quarterly where I was working previously and honestly, something like this works better.

Working with Ashley was great! She has a very calming and gentle presence.

- Julie

- Jennifer

- Kristina

I have seen specific improvement in my confidence, more positive self-talk, my marriage has improved significantly and I am much better at not comparing myself to others. Coaching has allowed me to feel my true, deep feelings very openly. Ashley helped me realize other possible ways of thinking.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I have felt valued and supported throughout my time. Coaching is worth the financial investment. I feel this way because you can't put a value on your happiness and your relationships that are affected by your mental state.  My marriage and my relationship with my children have only been positively affected due to my time in coaching.

- Shelby

I am beyond thankful for EVERYTHING you've done for our family!!!!

I've already recommended you to 3 friends. You take a topic or feeling and help me break it down into a logical perspective that I can process and also how you help with perspective and suggest techniques to help process emotions and so much more.

- Evie