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Ashley Dunnwald

Coaching for Women
& Mothers


The time has come to create a new paradigm
for women and mothers.
We deserve to experience abundant wellness, harmonious relationships & relaxed productivity

Welcome! It is my mission to help women and mothers who are ready to release the current norms of womanhood and motherhood and create a new way of moving through life.

It is time for us to learn how to support our nervous system and shift our mindset, so we can feel calm in our bodies,  enjoy flourishing relationships and be organized and productive without stressing.

Let's start at the beginning.

Hello, my name is Ashley and I am a Minnesota mom who hates winter. 

You can find me constantly sitting on heating pads and dragging around personal heaters all year-round to my husband's annoyance. (Yes, I check my thyroid yearly and it suspiciously comes back normal).

I am passionate about combining science and research, holistic wellness practices and knowledge of all kinds into my coaching. 

I believe that we are multifaceted beings who have been duped into following a linear and outdated model for happiness. 

The recipe of a college degree, job, marriage, house, kids and a pet = happiness is no longer working (I'm not sure it ever did honestly)!

You know that you deserve more than healthy kids, a nice, albeit, cluttered home and enough money to impulse buy on amazon. 

If you have found me, you probably have a good life and are very grateful for what you have, but may be struggling in some of these areas:

Loving yourself and your body unconditionally without being critical and negative to yourself. Feeling confident and not people-pleasing.

Feeling rushed and overwhelmed in your daily life.  Your nervous system is easily dysregulated and you don't know how to create calm, safety and a feeling of ease as your normal baseline.

Desiring to be organized with your schedule and your home, but by the time you get on top of one area there are several more that are a complete disaster.   

Being a mom is fulfilling, but feels draining and monotonous instead of fun and playful.

Wanting to implement healthier habits, but not having the time or energy to put into your own needs. 

I incorporate techniques from many holistic and spiritual practices, so this is for you if that feels comfortable for you to work with. 

The time has come for women to create lifestyles that support our wellbeing instead of continuing to push us into ever-increasing busyness and effort.  We get to break the mold for ourselves and our children by building a strong foundation of calm bodies and minds, easy productivity and harmony in our relationships.

Can you feel my passion yet?  I am so honored to be doing this work in the world and I greatly appreciate you being here right now.

Would you like to learn more about me?  Buckle up cause it is an interesting  ride. 


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