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Ashley Dunnwald

Coaching for Women


It is time love.
You deserve to experience ease, calm & wellness 

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Welcome! Now is the time to learn how to support your nervous system and shift your mindset, so you can feel calm and safe in your body. 

So you can live a life that is relaxed and productive. 

Let's start at the beginning.

Hello, my name is Ashley and I am a Minnesota mom who is still working on my mindset about winter. 

You can find me constantly sitting on heating pads and dragging around space heaters all year-round to my husband's annoyance. (Yes, I check my thyroid yearly and it suspiciously comes back normal).

I combine science and research, holistic wellness practices and wisdom from varied spiritual and cultural practices into my coaching. 

I believe that we are multifaceted beings who have been duped into following a linear and outdated model for happiness. 

The recipe of a college degree, job, marriage, house, kids and a pet = happiness is no longer working (I'm not sure it ever did honestly)!

You know that you deserve more than a busy schedule, a nice, albeit, cluttered home and enough money to impulse buy on amazon. 

You may think that you lack willpower to stick with better habits or that you just don't have the natural ability to get on top of things like the women you see on social media.

What is more likely is that you have a stressed-out nervous system that is trying to stay calm, while continually being activated into fight-or-flight.  Kids arguing in the car, getting out of the door rush in the morning and your stomach drop when you find that important email you didn't respond to. 

There is likely also an element of negative self-talk to your inner dialogue that is exhausting your energy on the daily.  "Why can't I get it together?"  "I'm so sick of this mess!"  "I hate meal planning."

You get frustrated at yourself for not having it more together and then beat yourself up for not staying positive!  That's so unfair to you!

You never took classes in the skills of organization and time management.  You may have done therapy (good for you!), but probably haven't studied nervous system regulation or emotional processing.  Most of life is just winging it and adapting, which is fine, but can be optimized to be more efficient, easy, fun and peaceful!  

Can you feel my passion yet?  I am so honored to be doing this work in the world and I greatly appreciate you being here right now.

My story is...let's say eclectic.  Click the button below to hear it.

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